Accomodation & Additional Offers

We can help you finding a suitable guesthouse, a bed and breakfast or hotel. Just ask us.
If you only need a place to pitch a tent or put down your sleeping bag, the Mitmachhaus” in Lohsdorf is an option. “Mitmach” means to “share, join in, participate.” It is the commitment and engagement of everyone, which creates this community. There are no fees but everyone is encouraged to contribute and participate in his own way or to donate something to the house.
Further details on request
Additional offers
If you wish we can combine the climbing days with other activities, for example a cave tour, slacklining, a hike, a visit to an organic farm (to assist with milking, making cheese, gardening or help with the animals), and evening around the campfire with stick bread and campfire songs or something else. Please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us.