Familiy-Climbing-Holiday 2 days
The bizarre rock formations and a lot of easy climbs are perfect for a holiday with children. Similar to the beginner-course you will learn how to climb on the rocks and abseil, in a child-friendly way. After that we will climb some easy peaks and sign in the summit book. Depending on individual skills we will climb additional peaks on the second day and you will have plenty of opportunity to climb. In this course we will give priority to the shared climbing experiences for parents and children, and parents will climb as much as their children!
No previous knowledge necessary
Extension – 1 or 2 days
The Family-Climbing-Holiday can be extended for one or two days, particularly suitable on long weekends.
We learn to trust in the flow of giving and receiving so suggest the following rates. Because we finance ourself with these courses it would be nice if our commitment/engagement would be appreciated accordingly. We would like people with low income to be able to participate, so individual reductions are possible. If you wish a reduction in fees, please suggest the amount you can afford.
Fees per day:
One Person 90 Euro
Second Person 45 Euro
Each additional participant 35 Euro