Cave Tour

Cave tour
Why always climb on top? Why we don't go underground in the dark, hidden and mysterious deeps
of mother earth? Fear, darkness, silence, tightness, damp – a scary und maybe uncomfortable
imagination – but maybe exactly for that reason so appealing and attractive? You can't describe a
cave tour in words – you have to experience it!
HöhlentourIn the elbsandstone mountains there are not only numerous summits but also a lot of grottos and
caves which are „walkable“ and „climbable“. In the course of a cave tour we will walk through magical forests and rock areas and under expert guidance and with relevant safety equipment we will descend in one or more caves. From easy caves to deep, tight and difficult descents we can tailor the itinerary according to your wishes.
Some pictures of a cave tour you will find in our impressions.
These tours are very suitable for families with children (age 6 and older).
The one or two day cave tour can be combined with a climbing-course very well.
We learn to trust in the flow of giving and receiving so suggest the following rates. Because we finance ourself with these courses it would be nice if our commitment/engagement would be appreciated accordingly. We would like people with low income to be able to participate, so individual reductions are possible. If you wish a reduction in fees, please suggest the amount you can afford.
Fees per day:
One Person 90 Euro
Second Person 45 Euro
Each additional participant 35 Euro